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Witney web designer

Witney Web Design

Witney web design using Joomla!, Drupal, and WordPress. E-commerce, non-flash animation and html5. Contact for the best creative options for you. With HTML5 and 3D, interactivity and animation are easily added to provide dynamism and impact.

Every site is designed to be optimal when viewed on any device. I will provide a flexible, responsive solution for great-looking results on desktop, tablet or phone.

The Services

Web Design in Witney

Alperia Design will provide you with the right website for your company, raise your profile and get return on investment. Whether you require a simple brochure site, a data driven solution, or e-commerce store, it is vital that your visitors’ first contact with you through your website is a great experience – on any device.


Let me help promote your site so it will be more visible in the popular search engines. From picking the most effective domain name to fine tuning keywords.


It is very important to have images that project a polished and efficient business, whilst being honest and authentic. Stock images from online companies can be sufficient, but many do not depict accurately your business. I can take high quality photographs of your business and products for website design in Oxfordshire.

Social Media

Using social media can be key to successful promotion of your business. Alperia Design can integrate social media into the whole online experience and give advice on which social network to devote your resources on.

3D and Video

I can generate 3D images for the website if the process is abstract or the product is better represented visually in CGI. Sometimes it is possible to produce an image of the best product you ever had on the best day there could be.

Now, in 2017 with increasing bandwidth, it is becoming more popular to use background video to help tell your story, or provide dynamism.

Scripting and Coding

Sometimes there is a requirement for a website, or website component to perform some function, or task that cannot be done by any available plugin or extension. Or perhaps the available modules are not specialised or fast enough for your requirements. I am experienced in HTML 5, JavaScript, PHP and other server-side languages and frameworks that can be used to better achieve your solutions if it is necessary.

The Process

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."

  • Listen and adhere to your vision

  • Design concepts and possibilities

  • Which technology is right for you?

  • Achieve improved visibility on search engines

  • Examine how you can be better served by social media

  • Bespoke scripting and coding

  • Validation, testing and delivery

Albert Einstein

Why Use Me?

A freelance web designer working from home is free from expensive business rents and multiple wage bills.

Team Expense
  • I don’t charge the earth

  • because I don’t have all of the overheads,
    I am not compelled to sell expensive ongoing marketing packages

  • my end products are at least every bit as good and polished

  • I am free of the inertial shackles that professional companies have and can change technologies and techniques on-the-fly when necessary

  • I make better tea and coffee

Tools of the Trade


Joomla! is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables me to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Oxford University has an abundance of Joomla! It is very well supported with thousands of extensions and themes.

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WordPress started just for blogging, but has evolved to be a full content management system and so much more through thousands of plugins that add to its functionality. Probably the easiest CMS for clients to use themselves. This site is build on WordPress.

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Drupal is also content management software. Drupal is ideal for end users who want to create their own database queries and custom content without hand-coding. Drupal has great standard features, great plugin flexibility and excellent security.

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Ubercart or Drupal commerce

Which One to Use?

Which Content Management System to use will depend on a few factors. How comfortable the client is using a particular CMS, or adapting a previous website to a new one can be easier if the CMS is not changed. Some customers require applications that are more easily provided by one of these tools over another. Your Witney web designer will always be happy to help you make a judgement based on your requirements.

Included Goodies

Secure Webpages

All new sites from your Witney web designer come with a free https security certificate which gives your site the green padlock in the address bar.

Secure Socket Layer

1000s of Fonts

There used to be two types of font for the web: serif and non-serif. Now there are hundreds of fonts and many libraries. Probably best not to go wild. just pick two or three.


Free Secure 10GB Email

Every hosting acount with Alperia Design comes with an unlimited number of free 10GB encrypted email accounts.


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